First Attempts


Unfortunately, on my designated evening -- Friday -- I was not well. I did drag myself out of bed to cook though, but it was only one course. I also didn't follow a recipe but I got general instructions from my wife (who's a chef).

We ate baked whole salmon with steamed new potatoes and leeks and broccoli and a cheese sauce.

The salmon was cooked from mostly frozen. This is OK for fish apparently. I sauteed half a large onion, whatever celery the was in the veg basket (not very much), one carrot and two leeks in butter for about five minutes. I then put the fish in a roasting bag along with these vegetables and put them in a hot oven. I should have added some white wine or similar for extra liquid, but I forgot.

The baby potatoes were steamed along with the leeks and while I did try and make a roux for a cheese sauce, I burned it and I took a short cut by reducing butter and cream and adding grated cheese. The broccoli was boiled and by some magic of time keeping, everything was ready at the same time.

I'd like to be able to say how long the fish took, but I can't. I was concerned that it wasn't cooked, but apparently if the fins come out easily, then it's cooked. They did, so it was, and we served up.

I wasn't that enamoured with the result (I tend not to like anything I cook myself), but given that I just threw everything together, and that I wasn't well when doing it, it was a good result.

Sally said it wasn't my fault as the fish itself wasn't good, bless her.