Another shot


To make up for my single course attempt yesterday, I cooked dinner again today.

We ate roast beef with roast potatoes, carrots and parsnip. Gravy and Yorkshire pudding too.

Sally had weighed the joint and decided that it needed an hour in the oven to be rare. I heated the oven to it's highest temperature (225, I think) and while it was heating up I par boiled the potatoes. That is to say I boiled the potatoes until the outside was soft so that when you bash them about they get a fluffy skin. We had goose fat left over from christmas, so I used two spoonfuls of that for the potatoes and another spoonful for the carrots and parsnip. The root veg were cut up, the parsnip twice the size of the carrots to compensate for their relative cooking times, heated in the fat and then had two spoonfuls of honey poured over them.

When the oven was hot, the beef and potatoes went in and I set the timer for 30 mins. When that rang, I turned the potatoes, put in the veg and the timer went on for another 30 mins.

When the timer went off, I took out the beef and transferred it to a board for carving. While it 'rested' I added some Bisto (shame), water and red current jelly to the bottom of the pan and whisked up a gravy of sorts. We also had some pre-made Yorkshire puddings in the freezer which I stuck in the oven for five minutes before serving up. They were lovely.

Sally pronounced the meal a success, but the meat was too rare for me and I hadn't cut some of the carrots small enough so they were still crunchy. I also hadn't bashed the potatoes enough so the outside wasn't as crunchy as it might have been. That might also have been because the fat wasn't hot enough when I initially put the potatoes in the roasting tray.